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List of plates in Comité Bulletin Comit� Bulletin 1914 
Monument Name Plates
Mosque of Sultan QalawunPl. I, Pl. II, Pl. III, Pl. IV
Mosque of MithqalPl. XXVI, Pl. XXVII, Pl. XXVIII
Mosque of Kafur al-ZimamPl. XXXI, Pl. XXXII, Pl. XXXIII, Pl. XXXIV
Madrasa of Uljay al-YusufiPl. XXIX, Pl. XXX
Mosque of Sultan HassanPl. V, Pl. VI
Mosque of Qanibay al-Sayfi Amir AkhurPl. IX, Pl. VII, Pl. VIII
Madrasa of BarsbayPl. XIV, Pl. XV, Pl. XVI, Pl. XVII, Pl. XVIII
Mosque of Qaraquja al-HasaniPl. XIX, Pl. XX, Pl. XXI, Pl. XXII

House of Ibrahim Katkhuda al-SinnariPl. XXIII, Pl. XXIV, Pl. XXV
Mosque of Abu al-'IlaPl. X, Pl. XI
Mosque of Khayir BekPl. XII, Pl. XIII