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List of plates in Comité Bulletin Comit� Bulletin 1909 
Monument Name Plates
Palace of BishtakPl. XIX, Pl. XVII, Pl. XVIII, Pl. XX
House of Zaynab KhatunPl. XII
Mosque of Muhammad Bey Abu al-DhahabPl. XXII
Mosque of Khushqadam al-Ahmadi or house of TashtimurPl. I, Pl. II

Drinking trough of Abd al-Rahman KatkhudaPl. XXI
House adjacent to the Sabil of BaybarsPl. XV
House attached to the Mosque of al-GhuriPl. IV
House inscribed with the name of Sultan al-GhuriPl. III
House No. 1, Inani streetPl. XIII
House of al-HaramaynPl. IX, Pl. X, Pl. XI
House of Aysha BizadaPl. XVI
House of KiridliyyaPl. VI, Pl. VII, Pl. VIII
House of Kiridliyya and Amna bint SalimPl. V
House of Sitt ManwarPl. XIV