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Articles on Islamic History

 Article Title    Author    Periodical    Volume  Year    Pages
A Baghdad cookery bookA.J. Arberry (Translator)Islamic Culture13:1193921-47
A Baghdad cookery book IIA.J. Arberry (Translator)Islamic Culture13:21939189-214
A Valuable Manuscript of the Futuhat al-MakkiyyaM. Mahfuzul HaqIslamic Culture13:21939215-221
Bibliophilism in Medieval IslamSh. InayatullahIslamic Culture12:21938154-169
Educational System in the Time of the ProphetM . HamidullahIslamic Culture13:1193948-59
History Of Delhi To The Time Of Timur's InvasionSyed Hasan BaraniIslamic Culture12:31938306-327
Some Arabic Inscriptions Of Medinah Of The Early Years Of HijrahM. HamidullahIslamic Culture13:41939427-439
The Hidden Pearls: concerning the notables of the eighth Islamic centuryF.KrenkowIslamic Culture2:41928527-539