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Articles on Islamic art and architecture

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A bibliography of glass and rock crystal in IslamK. A. C. CreswellBulletin of The Faculty of Arts, Cairo University14-119521-28
A Bibliography Of Islamic AstrolabesK. A. C. CreswellBulletin of The Faculty of Arts, Cairo University9-219471-15
A Dinar of Salih Ebn Merdas of AleppoH.SauvaireThe Numismatic Chronicle131873335-341
A Monument Of The Mughal Period Mosque Of Mahabat In PeshawarS . M . JaffarIslamic Culture14-1194030-31
Aids To Reading Persian Mss . In View Of Editorial WorkC . E . WilsonIslamic Culture2:41928564-592
An Early Fatimid Mihrab in the Mosque of Ibn TulunFarid ShafeiBulletin of The Faculty of Arts, Cairo University15-1195367-81
An illustrated manuscript on chivalry from the late Circassian Mamluk periodMohamed MostafaBulletin de l'Institut égyptien5119701-13
Anthropomorphic and Zoomorphic Letters in the History of Arabic WritingAdolf GrohmannBulletin de l'Institue d'Egypte38-11955117-122
Arabic Glass CoinsStanley Lane PooleThe Numismatic Chronicle121872199-211
Catalogue of the Collection of Mohammadan CoinsE. T. Rogers-BeyThe Numismatic Chronicle31883202-260
Centres of Islamic Sword Making in the Middle AgesAbd al Rahman ZakyBulletin de l'Institue d'Egypte38-11955285-295
Colour and the Moghuls: reflections in an Indian museumW . E . Gladstone SolomonIslamic Culture3-31929365-368
Costumes of Mamluk WomenL.A. MayerIslamic Culture17-31943298-303
Description of Two Cufic CoinsG.C.RenouardThe Numismatic Chronicle22183969-71
Discovery of a portion of the original illustrated manuscript of Tarikh-i - Alfi written for the Emperor AkbarM. Mahfuzul HaqIslamic Culture5-31931462-471
Early Islamic rugs of Egypt or Fostat RugsAli Ibrahim PashaBulletin de l'Institut égyptien17-11934123-127
Fatimid woodwork, its style and chronologyCarl Johan LammBulletin de l'Institut égyptien18-1193559-91
Glass as a Material for Standard Coin WeightsE. T. RogersThe Numismatic Chronicle13187360-88
Is there European element in the construction of the Taj Mahal, Agra?M . Abdullah Chughtai Islamic Culture14-21940196-206
Islamic swords in middle agesAbdul Rahman ZakiBulletin de l’Institut égyptien36-21953365-379
Jehangir And His Artists W . E . Gladstone Solomon Islamic Culture3-1192938-3
Minarets in North Africa and SpainKamal El Din SamehBulletin of The Faculty of Arts, Cairo University15-21953181-187
Miniature Paintings in some Mamluk ManuscriptsMohamed MostafaBulletin de l'Institut égyptien5219715-15
Muslim pottery and other vessels of the late 'Abbasid Caliphate in the prince of wales meseum, BombayH.GoetzIslamic Culture14-41940430-433
New Discoveries in Arabic Papyri IIAdolf Grohmann Bulletin de l'Institue d'Egypte351952159-169
Note on the attitude of Islam towards paintingK. A. C. CreswellBulletin of The Faculty of Arts, Cairo University7194416-17
Notice of a Mamluk coin, Struck by Command of the Sultan Melik Dhaher Rokned-Din Bibars BondokdariL. LoeweThe Numismatic Chronicle19185771-84
On Mint Characteristics of Arabic CoinsStanley Lane PooleThe Numismatic Chronicle13187354-59
On the Coinage of the Dynasties called the Benee -Tooloon and the Ikhsheedeeyeh Ruling in EgyptR. Stuart PooleThe Numismatic Chronicle171854116-126
On the Coins of the Muwahhids in the British MuseumStanley Lane PooleThe Numismatic Chronicle131873147-170
Orthodox icon and the collection of the Greek Monastery of Saint George in Old CairoElizabeth LoukianoffBulletin de l'Institut égyptien24-2194133-47
Palaces and Gardens of the MughalsMohd. Azher AnsariIslamic Culture33-1195950-72
Pietra-dura decoration of the TajM . Abdullah Chughtai Islamic Culture15-41941465-472
Round the international exhibition of Persian artG . D . HornblowerIslamic Culture5-41931588-620
Round the international exhibition of Persian art IIG . D . HornblowerIslamic Culture4-1193267-89
Saint Magdalene, or Bibi Rabi'a Basri in Mogul paintingFelix Loewenstein Islamic Culture13-41939466-469
Some Aspects of the History of the MadrasaJohn PedersenIslamic Culture3-41929525-537
Some Persian lustre ceramics in Dr. Ali Pasha Ibrahim's collectionZaky M. HassanBulletin of The Faculty of Arts, Cairo University9-1194763-98
Some remarks on the dress of the Abbasid Caliphs in EgyptL.A.MayerIslamic Culture17-1194336-38
The attitude of Islam towards paintingZaky M. HassanBulletin of The Faculty of Arts, Cairo University719441-15
The Central Asian Mausoleum in India: The tradition of the Taj MahalH.GoetzIslamic Culture12-41938419-423
The Coins of the Tuluni Dynasty Edward Thomas RogersThe Numismata Orientalia18771-20
The Drawing of Geometric Patterns in Saracenic ArtE. H. HankinMemoirs of the Archaeological Survey of India1519251-47
The Foundation of CairoK.A.C. CreswellBulletin of The Faculty of Arts.Cairo University1- 21933258-281
The Lawfulness of Painting in Early Islam K. A. C. Creswell Islamic Culture24-31950218-225
The Lotus And The Rose: Some Influences Of Indian Art On Europe W . E . Gladstone Solomon Islamic Culture13-21939127-133
The Moghul Message Of Beauty W . E . Gladstone SolomonIslamic Culture2:31928376-384
The Origin and Early Development of Floriated KuficA. . GrohmannBulletin de l'Institue d'Egypte382-21954273-304
The Origin of the Cruciform Plan of Cairene Madrasas K.A.C. CreswellBulletin de l'institut Français d'archéologie Orientale 2119231-54
The Pathan Architecture in India-a Historical SurveyS.k. BanerjiIslamic Culture20-31946282-290
The Pathan Tombs of Sarhind H. GoetzIslamic Culture13:31939313-318
The spirit of moslem ArtC. J. LammBulletin of The Faculty of Arts, Cairo University3-119351-7
The spiritual value of Islamic architecture E.E.SPEIGHTIslamic Culture2:41928611-621
The Turban of Samuel Ibn Musa: The Earliest Dated Islamic Textile Muhammad ʻAbd al-ʻAziz MarzuqBulletin of The Faculty of Arts, Cairo University15-21954143-151
The Works Of Imam -Ud-Din Ar-Riyadi The Grandson Of The Architect Of The Taj Mahal Hafiz Ghulam Murtaza Islamic Culture34-41960270-293
Two Fragments of Egyptian Lustre Painted Ceramics from the Mamlouk Period Mohamed Mostafa Bulletin de l'Institue d'Egypte311948377-382
West Islamic Influences on Architecture in Egypt (before the Turkish Period)Farid ShafeiBulletin of The Faculty of Arts, Cairo University15-219541-49